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    CCBUPT---Cradle of Talents in the IT Era 

    Century College, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(CCBUPT) is the first independent college in Beijing approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China in 2005. It is a full-time undergraduate college co-established by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Beijing Xuehan Education Technology Co., Ltd. based on the new mechanism and school-running pattern.

    Located in Kangzhuang Town, Yanqing District, CCBUPT campus covers an area of 82 acres, with ample teaching and subsidiary rooms, an independent library  and a laboratory building. The library has a collection of more than 650,000 books, more than 230,000 e-books, and 71 accessible databases, which can fully meet the needs of students.

    The 420 teachers consist of full-time teachers selected by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and recruited by the college, part-time teachers retired from other colleges and universities, and engineers in relevant fields, of which more than 33% have teachers with senior professional titles.

    Centering on electronic information and taking the majors of Communication Engineering and Electronic Information Engineering as its priority, and digital media major as its characteristic, CCBUPT has established the theoretical and practical teaching system and quality-oriented education system, covering 4 disciplines-- engineering, management, literature and art. There are 7 Departments in the college: Department of Communication and Information Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering and Automation, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Department of Economic and Management, School of Art and Media, Department of Foreign Languages, and Basic Educational Department. The college offers 14 majors, namely, Communication Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Internet of Things, Electronic Information Engineering, Logistics Engineering, Mechanical Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, Marketing, Electronic Business, Financial Management, Digital Media and Art, Digital Media and Technology, Communication and English. There are about 5,000 full-time students.

    CCBUPT has 7 college-level experimental teaching centers and 90 labs, in which more than 900 experiment projects have been performed. With 10-year construction and development, Digital Media Experiment Teaching Center, Engineering Education Training Center and Internet Business Management Experiment Center are rated as “Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Beijing Colleges and Universities”. CCBUPT has been among the few independent colleges which have been awarded the 3 titles of Provincial and Municipal Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. The 5 on-campus comprehensive practice training bases --- Comprehensive Practice Training Base of Communication Engineering, Comprehensive Practice Base of Network Engineering, Comprehensive Practice Training Base of Robots, Comprehensive Practice Training Base of Economic Management and Comprehensive Practice Training Base of Digital Media, 1 Beijing Key Laboratory, 1 nation-level off-campus practice base, 1 off-campus Beijing Talent Cultivation Base  and 1 on-campus Beijing High Education Demonstrative Innovation Practice Base satisfy the demand of developing students’ professional abilities.     

    CCBUPT has signed the agreement of internship and training base with 151 enterprises, such as ZTE Corporation, China Mobile, Crystal Digital Technology and Postal Savings Bank of China, and sent students to enterprises to practice and receive training. Students complete their graduation design with the instruction of enterprise mentors. Teachers are expected to practice in the enterprise during summer holidays, which guarantees a close connection between talent cultivation and professional development. CCBUPT has actively introduced in resources from enterprises and co-founded the CCBUPT--ZTE Institute of Network Communication with ZTE Corporation, which has cultivated professional talents in order to meet the new technique talent requirement in the communication field; co-opened the “Bright Oceans Class” with Bright Oceans Corporation and targeted at cultivating applied modern communication talents.  

    Based on undergraduate education, the college has developed international cooperation, actively explored the new mode of cultivating talents of “Undergraduate Academic Education + English + Professional Certificate + Overseas Study” and has been among the first batch of Chinese colleges and universities, which have been approved to enter global search engine system of IELTS in the domestic. It is also the first independent college in Beijing city, which has been approved to have the qualification of receiving overseas students. The college has successively signed Inter-school Friendly Colleges and implemented cooperation project with higher institutions in the UK, France, Japan, America, Korea, Finland, Germany and Taiwan Area, including the establishment of Sino-France Engineer Department, introduction of advanced computer science and technique professional course from Japan, credit exchange program of Sino-America Internet of Things, the development of academic education and short-term course training and cooperation and students’ vocational and socialized training. Currently, more than 300 students have exchanged and studied in the UK, France, America, Japan, Korea, Finland, Germany,etc. and the college has received 14 batches of overseas students to study here.   

    In the discipline competition, students and teachers in the college have got remarkable achievement. Till now, students have taken part in The Mathematical Contest (International) in Modeling, Design and Development Contest of National Software Professional Talents, National College Students' Innovative and Applied Contest on Network Commerce, International Underwater Robot Contest, College Students’ Robot Contest of Five Provinces in the North China and in Beijing, the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, Beijing College Students’ Computer Applications Technology Contest, Collegiate Computer Design Contest, Logistics Design Contest of Colleges and Universities in Beijing and other contests, in which 105 students have achieved international awards, 296 students have achieved national prizes and 2,022 students have been granted provincial and ministerial prizes. The number of students, who are awarded, occupies the front rank in the similar institutions. Many teachers have been awarded in the contests, such as Gardener Award of Beijing Non-government Funded Schools, National College English Teaching Competition, Teaching Competition of Ideological and Political Theory Course in Colleges and Universities in Beijing, etc. Animation standard of Mobile Phone (Mobile Terminal) Formulated mainly by the research group in our college has formally become the international technique standard and been rated as “the Important Standard of Chinese Technology and Chinese Standard towards the World in the Cultural Field.”

    Average employment rate of graduates for 10 years has reached above 98%. More than 3,300 graduates are employed in state-owned enterprises and institutions and nearly 740 graduates have passed the postgraduate examination. CCBUPT has founded innovative and entrepreneurial education center, developed systematically innovative and entrepreneurial education and established college student technological innovation base, under which there are 7 workshops and 2 studios. Every year, a special fund of nearly RMB 500,000 is invested. At the same time, under the support of the college, students’ entrepreneurial passion is great and successful cases appear frequently. And the college is rated as “Annual Advanced Collective of National Youth Entrepreneurship Education” and “Cultural Construction Award of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Education Demonstration School of National Private Universities”.    

    With the construction and development of the college, the college has achieved broad achievement in the society. Its influential power has improved gradually and it has successively achieved the titles, such as “National Advanced Independent College”, “Beijing 5A Class Social Organization”, “Talent Cultivation Advanced Unit of Chinese Animation Game”, “ Winner of Design and Development of Professional Talents of National Software”, “National Independent College with The Most Influential Brand”, “Excellent Organizing College of Beijing College Students Innovative Practice Activity”, “Excellent Organization Unit of Beijing Blood Donation” and “Advanced Unit under Civil-Military Joint Effort”. It has also successfully created the animation creation and talent training center of National New Media Industrial Base, Digital Product R&D Base of Publicity and Education of National Safe Production, Approval and Evaluation Center of National Industrial and Information Talent Cultivation General Service Platform and Professional Committee of Higher Education Cultivation Base of Non-government Education in China, and has been awarded Beijing Safe System Collective Prize for many times.   

    Since CCBUPT was founded, leaders at all levels(former deputy secretary general of the State Council Chen Jinyu, deputy Minister of Education Yuan Guiren, director of Development Planning Division Han Jin, deputy director Song Demin, then director of Beijing Education Commission Liu Limin, the committee member of Beijing Education Commission Ye Maolin, Huang Kan, director of Education Supervisor Office of Beijing Municipal Government Xian Lianping, Beijing municipal commission of education executive deputy secretary Liu Jian, deputy secretary Tang lijun and Wang Minzhong, secretary of Yanqing district committee Li Zhijun, director of Yanqing district Education Commission Wei Xubin, former secretary of Daxing district Shen Baochang, etc.) have successively inspected the college, instructed the work and given high appraisal on running the college by law, standard management, good teaching quality and multi-mode of talent cultivation  and the exploration of developing students’ innovative and practical ability.   

    CCBUPT has been actively exploring connotative development, implemented engineering education and the cultivation of engineers, enhanced the university-enterprise cooperation and international cooperation and tried best to be more specialized and stronger. With its core competitiveness and service capacity for the regional economy and information field, CCBUPT will become an influential applied college and lay the solid foundation for an engineer college with distinctive characteristics.  


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